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  • What is difference between Landing Page table first and second levels?

    First Level

    Pages are grouped by the URLs, not including variables,

    Consider the URL

    The variables are everything from the question mark so ?cc=U494Lf

    Meaning the URL without variables is


    Second Level

    The second level of the table subgroups using the full URLs (which includes query data)

    In the above example that would be:


    We do this for several reasons.

    1. It is good to understand how often a particular LP is seen with an advert (First level) as this gives an indication of which are the best-performing pages.
    2. It is good to see the full URLs as they can provide marketing secrets such including useful tracking data.


  • What is the difference between the advert full details popup and advert full details page?

    Very little in terms of content.

    They both contain exactly the same information, however, the popout is an overlay and the page is an actual page with its own URL.

    This means you can keep multiple pages open in your browser tab for quick access during a session.

    Learn more about the Advert full details popup vs full details page here

  • What countries do you scrape?

    We currently scrape 12 countries and will be adding more based on user demand. Listening to our members is important to us.

    Spain, Denmark, US, France, Australia, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, UK

  • What is the advanced search functionality?

    Access advanced search by clicking the advanced search button on the main advert screen search bar:

    Advanced search enables you to fully search the NativeAdBuzz database and expertly find the adverts which are most relative to your needs and performing the best.

    Advanced search enables you to search by:

    • * Ad headline keyword
    • * Advertiser
    • * Publisher
    • * Network
    • * Device
    • * Country
    • * Language
    • * First seen after and last seen after dates
    • * Advert run duration

    and sort results by strength, duration, date last seen or date first seen.

  • What is a publisher?

    The publisher is the domain the advert was seen on.

  • What is an advertiser?

    An advertiser is the domain of the final landing page.

    For example if the landing page was the advertiser would be

  • What is the favourites library?

    Add adverts to your favourites library by clicking the white hearts on the advert tiles or the add to fav buttons on the ad popouts.

    Access your favourites library by clicking the link on the sidebar or the top header bar.

    You can search through your favourited adds by doing a keyword search or an advanced search of your favourites to find the exact advert you are after.



  • What networks do you scrape?

    We currently scrape 10 networks and will be adding more soon. We will be continuously increasing the networks we scrape inline with your requests as part of our commitment to provide the tools you need.

    Networks we currently scrape include: Taboola, Outbrain, Content.Ad, mgid, RevContent, Adblade, Zergnet, Gravity, ayboll, Yahoo Gemini

  • What devices do you cover?

    We cover 5 device types across desktop and mobile, specifically: desktop, ios phone, ios tablet, android phone and android tablet.

  • What is the strength / Impressions score?

    Strength scores are a representation of the number of times we have seen a particular ad, advertisers, landing pages etc.

    They are a good indicator of how well an ad is performing, especially when analyzed over the life time of an ad.

  • What is the advert popup?

    If you click on an ad tile it’s ad popup appears. The ad popup provides specific detailed information about an ad in several tabs. In the details tab you can an overview of the advert along with a graphical display of the Impressions score plotted over time.

    The publishers tab shows which publishers the ad was seen on, the network tab shows which networks the ad was seen on, and the landing page tab shows you information about the landing pages this ad has been associated with.

  • What are advert tiles?

    Advert tiles provide an overview of each advert at a glance.

    Each advert tile shows the advert image and headline, as well as the number of impressions (times the add has been seen) and the dates the advert was first seen and last seen.

    Hovering over the tile shows the add to favourites heart and download image icon.

    The favourite heart icon will be red if the advert has been added to your favourites library.

  • What is the NativeAdBuzz main advert catalogue?

    The Native Ad Buzz main advert catalogue is the main access to our advert database.

    Using the advanced search functionality you can search the adverts in any way you choose to find exactly what you are looking for.

Using NativeAdBuzz 12 questions
Account Management 2 questions
  • Is it easy to cancel?


    We value transparency and honesty very highly and so we make it as easy as possible for people to cancel if they choose too.

    Simply visit the Subscription page from the drop-down User menu and click the link to cancel.

  • How can I change my account details and manage my subscription?

    Access account management by clicking your username in the top right-hand corner of any app screen. Select either My Profile or Subscription


    From the account pages, you can select to manage your profile, change your password, or manage your subscription


    From the manage subscription page, you can see your current plan details, manage your subscription, and cancel your subscription.

    If you wish to upgrade/downgrade, change your payment method or view your billing statements then click the blue Manage Subscription button.


Support 7 questions
  • I used my email as my username, how can I change it for the Forum?

    Change your Username in NativeAdBuzz by selecting My Profile from the drop-down User menu:


    After changing your username in NativeAdBuzz you must log out and back in before the change will be updated in the Forum
  • I can’t remember my username or email address

    No problemo 🙂

    Send us an email to with as much information as you do have, including your full name and we can track down your account for you.

  • Help, I’ve forgotten my password!

    Don’t panic:)

    Simply click the forgotten password link below the box on the login screen and follow the instructions.

  • I didn’t receive my PIN email, what should I do?

    Check your spam folder, but if it is not there please send us an email to including your name, username and email address.

    Most often this happens because of a typo in the email address during the sign-up process so it is easily resolved 🙂

  • Help the pages don’t look right, what can I do?

    Try these two things:

    1. 1. Delete all cookies and reload the app
    2. 2. Turn off any adblockers

    if the problem persists then click the in-app message icon






    or send an email with screenshots and full details to


  • How do I get support or just say hi?

    Click the in-app message icon (see image) or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • I think I’ve found a bug, how can I report it?

    Click the in-app chat icon (see image) or email us at with as many details as you have and some screenshots/screen recordings if possible and we will get right on it.

    Unless you meant the small creepy kind. In that case, trap it under a glass and set it free outside


NativeAdBuzz Bonus 2 questions
  • What’s the meaning of life?

    Erm, you may be in the wrong place, but at a guess, I recon it is to enjoy yourself, help each other and to leave the universe a better place than when we came to it.

  • Help! It’s too much I’m going insane, what should I do?

    It’s all good, everyone feels like that at first. The best thing is to have a play around and experiment with all the features. It will start making sense and pretty soon you will be able to effectively determine the relevance of search results.

    If you are actually going nuts….I have the number of a good doctor;)

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