Get To Know The User Interface – Part 6 – Advert Full Details Popup – Networks Tab

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Advert Details Popup – Networks Tab

The Networks tab of the advert popup shows detailed information regarding the networks an advert has been seen on and how often it has been seen on them.


Graph Showing Views Per Network Per Day

  1. 1. Views Per Network Per Day: This graph will show a different coloured line for each network an advert has been seen on. It shows the total number of views for each day an advert has been seen per network.
  2.  2. Network Toggle: Each network an ad has been seen on will have a toggle beneath the graph. Clicking the toggle will hide or display the graph line for that network.


Network Details Table

  1. 3. Networks Details Table: shows a breakdown of information for each network.
  2. 4. Network Name.
  3. 5. Network website: Link to the advertising networks website. Clicking opens in a new tab.
  4. 6. Strength: Total number of times we have seen this advert on this network.