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Hope your week’s been great! We’re reallyyy busy working on a new website-design here at NativeAdBuzz, and we can’t wait to show you all!

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In today’s top 5, we’re going to be delving into the world of the rich.

That’s right…

Feast your eyes on how ‘the other half live’, and get ready to be fueled by rampant jealousy!


Anyways, let’s have a look at 5 ads from the last week we really liked!


  1. Millionaire’s Blueprint



Think blueprint. What comes to mind…?

I’m guessing you’re thinking of some sci-fi building plan… maybe blue, with glowing white lines emulating where sections of the building are…

Right? Wrong?

Well… the later apparently… according to this ad anyway.

Because ladies and gentlemen…

Let me present you with… the ‘Millionaire’s Blueprint!’

That’s right – this super informative ad is going to show you exactly how to become a millionaire 😉

Erm… presumably from… gold?

So, this ad is far from informative… yet it does pretty well…

Which is why you can always market using a greed factor (everyone wants more money!)

Keep this in mind for your campaigns.


  1. Why Women Are Flocking To This Incredible New Shopping Site



So we actually showed you this ad a few weeks ago (that’s right, there WAS a reason you paid attention to these emails!), but we wanted to show it again for two reasons.

Number one, it fits really well into the ‘rich’ theme we’re doing today. (alright lads, you’ve probably spent a few hundred quid on your missuses Michael Kors bags… take note at what real style looks like ;)…

And number two, the ad continues to be a very strong contender in the native ad market. It’s had a little dip over the last few days, but in general, this ad’s strength is extremely high, and is actually one of the most ripped ads featured inside NativeAdBuzz


  1. The Brit Method


So this one got us thinking a bit.

The Brit method…

WTF could that be.

Maybe some kind of etiquette class, learning how to serve afternoon crumpets correctly?

Or could it be a trip back in time to the 90’s, and watch Oasis and Blur battle it out for that #1 spot (if you prefer Blur, unsubscribe from our emails RIGHT NOW!) …

Well… in truth, we’re still not sure…

But apparently, the ‘Brit Method’ is a pretty good-looking chick flying in style. With no further indication on what this means… or even what the ad’s going to lead us to, it’s a miracle it’s had any action at all…

But as you can see, it’s doing fairly well… and… well… it fits in with our rich theme again!


  1. Who Needs Headlines When The Photo Already Has the Full Information?


So today we’ve got a really exclusive addition to our top five.

It’s what we call a ‘headline-less native ad’.

Or… in other words…

The mistake of our idiot marketing guy who screenshotted the photo without getting the headline in, and then couldn’t find the ad again – anyone looking for a job??

Anyway… the ad was originally going to be featured because it had a cool headline… and was showing some slow growth in the market…

But now the headline is out the window, and we have no idea what this ad’s about, aside from a private jet, and what looks to be a pretty flat-chested woman feeling a bit stressed… we figured we should probably keep it anyway, just because it’s easy on the eyes (Keep composed guys!)


  1. How Do People get Rich? Watch This Video To Find Out Now




You’ll be really glad to know, our marketing guy sorted his s*&t out, and managed to screen-grab this ad correctly.


How DO people get rich?

Apparently, it’s by hoarding money in a cardboard box, until they’ve amassed a fortune worth millions of pounds.

(Or dollars, if we have country-proud ‘Merican’s reading! 😀 )

Jokes aside, we featured this ad because it’s got a good strength score, and while the graph may not look to impressive… we like this ad, and think it could do pretty well in time.

(Although… the headline could do with work – ideally featuring a more unique angle – it’s pretty generic and ‘overdone’ right now.

And there you have it.


There’s our 5 favourite ‘rich-themed’ ads from the last week.

There’s always a HUGE amount of new content being published, and our job is to tell you what’s working… and what’s not…

So that you don’t have to do the boring research yourself!

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