Hey Mate,

Hope you’re well, and are having a great week!

It’s Friday… the weekend’s almost here… and the sun’s out here in the UK!

Makes a change!

Anyway, it’s that time of week again for our Top 5, where we show you some of our favourite Native Ads from the past 7 days!

They’re all pulled from the NativeAdBuzz website, and remember;

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So, let’s get started…


  1. What YOUR Name Says About You…

Screenshot_1 (1)

So… a weird, ancient-looking mural with what looks to be a half-naked woman torn into two bits…

BUT YES! THAT’S RIGHT – You can find out what your name really says about you if you click here!!!!!

LOL – jokes aside, this is a long-performer in the Native Ad world, and we suspect the bizarre imagery has something to do with the success levels of the Ad!

It’s enjoying consistently high levels of traffic, and as you can see, it’s a very strong Ad – so take note!


  1. Discover FRESH Layout Ideas To Inspire Your Scrapbooking


I used to keep a scrapbook.

Then my friends found it and made fun of me 🙁

But these days I’m much more self assured and so I’ve started a new one 😉

If like me you ARE the creative type, this ad’s perfect for you.

A nice, calm, inspiring image, featuring a direct, and ‘to-the-point’ headline ensures that this ad is resonating with the target demographic very well.

It’s also another long-term high performer, with large traffic volume and great strength within the Native Ad industry.

Yet another to keep your eye on (and use as inspiration for your next campaign?!)


  1. Say Goodbye To Snoring With This Cool Trick

Screenshot_4 (1)

So, who’s the snorer in the picture?

The guy or the girl…

Well that certainly appears to be the big question of the week…

What do YOU think?

Also; any ideas what the cool ‘trick’ is?

Maybe it’s something to do with creepy photographers snapping two sleeping people on a plane… who knows!

What is for sure, is that this Ad is AGAIN, another long-performer in the Native Ad industry, and having run for almost a year, it’s an Ad that – while it leaves a bunch of questions unanswered – makes us very curious to know more!


  1. Is Your Acid Reflux Killing You?

Screenshot_2 (1)

OK, couple things;

First off… if – by saying ‘killing us’ they mean giving us the ability to breathe fire and look quite positively completely un-human…

Then s&!t yes! SIGN ME UP!


But… if (as I suspect they are), they’re referencing the painful ‘burning’ sensation you get when suffering from Acid Reflux in the imagery…

How does the image relate to killing me? Breathing fire is still pretty cool, no matter what way you look at it!

Comments aside, #4 on our list is yet ANOTHER Ad that’s been around a while, and continues to do really well…

And it just goes to show… maybe more people than you THINK aspire to be a Dragon!


  1. Teach Your Child To Read Today!

Screenshot_3 (1)


Didn’t I see this image used in a recent Trump campaign?

I mean it certainly fits the bill;

A so called ‘perfect’ family enjoying quality time…

This must be a figment of my imagination! You should see my family…nothing like this!

Anyways, interestingly, this image is actually pretty bland. But it does say teach your kid to read today, and any parent would attest to the attraction of this. Most of the parents I know are always stressed about their kids education.

2016 has been a great year for this ad, with traffic continually rising and the ‘strength’ of the ad increasing pretty consistently…

So remember – your next campaign should include a mum, dad, and a kid – it’s fool proof!

And on that note, we arrive to the end of our Top 5 for this week.

I hope you’re gonna have a great weekend – take some time off, enjoy the sun (if you have any!), and get ready to come back to work next week fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to SMASH your Native Ad campaigns!

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