We like to bring you industry developments and hot news especially if it can affect your business in the good way. This week we received some hot news about a new feature native advertising giants Revcontent have rolled out.

Interest targeting was previously limited to Google and Facebook as they were the only companies (think evil big brother, 1984) that had anywhere near enough data on you to do it effectively. In fact the lack of interest targeting has notoriously made it even harder to find and connect with specific audiences using native advertising content discovery platforms.

Well Revcontent have stepped to the challenge and launched a native advertising interest targeting feature which they tout as

…a hypergranular tool that offers unparalleled levels of control, transparency, and customization. Revcontent Interest Targeting allows brands and advertisers to target based on granular interests; for example, Home – Family – Pregnancy – Baby Names.

Woaw!!! Pregnancy, Baby Names!! I’m not gonna ask too many questions about where they get their data and how they build their profiles just in case I end up sleeping with the fishes, though I have to admit I am just a bit curious 😉

However if it works effectively and does provide accurate targeting this could be a game changer for native marketers, enabling them to identify solid market segments and move to scale.

We have decided to run a few experiments for 3 key reasons:

  1. We like shiny new things
  2. Revcontent took the time to prepare an infographic stolen straight from a school textbookand lastly…
  3.  because it may make us a ton of cash-money if they have got it right!

As usual we’ll be discussing how to take advantage of industry developments like these as well as tons of other topics in the Native Ad Buzz forum.

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