Fellow ninja marketers, how’s it going?

In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at how you can use native advertising to boost your eCommerce traffic and have more cash-waving customers on your site ready to buy…

And you’ll discover why native advertising can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal… if you get it right.

You see, with thousands… no… scrap that.

With MILLIONS of companies using native ads to promote their business, advertising prices are more affordable than ever, and getting your site promoted to potential customers has never been easier.

Plus, with most of your competitors unable to string an effective advert together, the ball moves another couple inches into your side of the court…

But how exactly do you set up effective native ad campaigns?

And how do you make sure they’re performing as effectively as possible?

If you’re like some marketers, you could pay thousands of dollars for expensive training courses…

You could even pay an external’ specialist’ to help create and run your campaigns… at a substantial cost to your business, of course.

Or, you could do what the savvy marketers are doing, and see what’s already working in your industry, and apply it to your niche.


There are three important steps involved, and below, we will go through the steps in detail so that you can begin creating your own successful campaigns right away!

Finding Successful Native Ads

In order to find successful native ads that are running well in your niche, and making their owners profits, you have two options;

The first, is to spend hours searching the Internet for relevant ads, and making your own analysis of how they’re performing…

The second, and far more viable option, is to use a program like NativeAdBuzz, which analyses tens of thousands of different native ads, and ranks them according to how well they’re performing… their overall strength in the market… their social media presence… the landing pages they send traffic to… and more!

If you are not already a member, you can claim a mesmerisingly cheap $7 trial by clicking here.

Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

Okay, so you’ve made the really smart decision and joined NativeAdBuzz, or, you’re just here for free info – either way, it’s cool – glad to have you here.

But let’s look at how you correctly figure out what ads are performing well, and how you can incorporate them into your campaign.

If you look at the image below, you will see a screenshot inside the NativeAdBuzz website. Using the search bar on the left hand side of the page, you can search through the different ads that are indexed by the site, and you can also view the current leader boards – or, in other words, see which ads are performing best.


This is a fantastic way to see which ads are performing well, and you can either search for specific keywords, ads that run on specific publishing websites, or you can just browse the generalised list, which showcases some of the most effective ads running today.

In the image below, we’ve picked a random add from one of the top performing from last week – once you select an ad, you will be taken to an analysis page where you’ll be given a rundown of how the ads performing, where is running, and what kind of success is seen.


That’s an image of one of the adverts ‘details’ page, which gives you an overview of how their ad campaign is performing, including the ad strength, the number of networks it’s been seen on, the date it was first released, the date it was last seen, as well as a performance graph.

There are also a few other tabs that contain even more information – we’ll get more one some of these later, but feel free to explore around, as you’ll be able to get a really invaluable insight into.

Using these statistics, you can get a really good idea of whether an ad is working or not.

Ok, so now you’ve found a good ad that’s performing, and now it’s time to start thinking about what happens when your ad is up and running.

After all, you need to make sure the ad is sending all the traffic to a juicy landing page that converts at an optimal rate.

This is where the second stage comes into play…

Finding Successful Landing Pages

Like you saw in the screenshot above, there’s a ‘landing page’ button on each adverts analysis.

This shows you links to each landing page the native ad is running traffic to – look at the image below to get an understanding of what I’m talking about.


Here, you can see where the company is sending their traffic, giving you a sneaky look into how they’re turning cold readers into opt-ins or buyers.

This is super useful, as you don’t just get to see what adverts are running… but also where the adverts are leading to!

Again, while it’s not advisory to just ‘copy’ a competitors landing page, being able to see how they’re running their campaigns gives you a big edge, as it means you can cut out the guessing games, and use structures and formats that are PROVEN to work.

Hint: the longer an ad/landing page is running (seen on the main overview tab), the more successful the ad will typically be – this is because the company are obviously spending money to promote it – they wouldn’t be promoting an under-optimising ad for months on end now, would they!

Part 3: Be UNIQUE!

Ok, so we’ve looked at a couple ways that you can see what your competitors are up to…

And you know exactly how to check out their campaigns…

But in order to create your OWN successful campaigns, it’s important that you add your own ‘sparkle’ into the mix.

You could find the best advert in the world, copy it word for word, and ‘steal’ the landing page, but in reality, this doesn’t just make you look bad…

It could also have a big impact on your conversions (as well as potential legal issues).

You’ve got to be unique, and put an element of your ‘heart and soul’ into your marketing campaign.

You know your audience better than anyone, so make sure you create your native ads around your customers.

Sure… look at what imagery is being used in successful ads, and use something similar…

Discover how the most successful landing pages are structured… and incorporate this structure into your campaign…

But please, please, PLEASE… don’t just copy the adverts word for word.

The key to a successful ad that goes viral is uniqueness, and you’ve got to have this in YOUR ad if you want to see success!

And there you go – 3 sure-fire tips to boosting traffic levels and generate more profits to your eCommerce website.

Take some time to look at all the different ads that are running, and see what’s ‘sticking’ with your market.

Don’t just rush into your own campaigns -try and get a list of at least 3-5 ads that ARE performing well before you start, so you can see a mixed balance or what’s out there today.

Remember, if you’re not already member of NativeAdBuzz you can claim a $7 trial by clicking here

Good luck, and talk soon!