Today we are doing one for the lads….

(You might wanna avoid gazing at your screen too intently if your wife/girlfriend(s) are around!)

First a quick Disclaimer:

NativeAdBuzz does not agree with the objectification of women and thoroughly believe in equal rights for all humans. They do however endorse the appreciation of beautiful things in all the myriad of ways that beauty exists.

See, today, we’re taking a more relaxed approach to the Native Ad top 5… and instead of being all ‘PC’, targeting common niches…

Today, we’re gonna be lads. Proper. Damn. Lads.

Actually, we’re just gonna show you a bunch of attractive women, most of them probably airbrushed and photoshopped, and in no way a representation of the honest beauty of a real women– but heck, it sure feels like we’re being cool!

Anyway, all the Native Ads you’re about to see were found inside the NativeAdBuzz website, and if you’re not already a member, you can take advantage our incredible $7 trial by clicking here! 

So once you’ve done that… let’s get started!


  1. Fail – Hot Celebs With Yoga Pants



Alright, so it should be SUPER obvious why we included this Ad in today’s ‘Top 5’.

It’s because we’re all mystified with curiosity about who the celebrity is in the image… right?

I mean… why else would the guys in the office have spent a good 4-5 hours staring intently at the photo, desperate to put a face to the name.

What a brilliant Native Ad – it’s captured our attention perfectly!

(For those who don’t understand British sarcasm… yep; I was joking.)

But jeez, there’s either a LOT of squats, or a pretty expensive operation…

Either way, we’re not complaining – are you??


  1. Amazingly Dirty Photos

Screenshot_2 (1)


So, you know that feeling when you’ve just got a bunch of photos developed… you’re walking back to your car… and you drop the freakinnn photos all over the floor.

Covered in mud.

A complete waste of money.

‘Amazingly Dirty Photos’…

Alright, that was poor humour from me LOL.

Anyway… it should be self-explanatory why this photo was included in today’s roundup, and while it’s not converting too well… yet… it HAD to be included… for… erm… the cool photography work?! Are those… knees?


  1. 22-Year-Old Girl Makes Millions. You Won’t Believe How



Hmm; what do YOU think this girl does?

Maybe she’s an astute engineer, who develops new aerospace technology…

Or maybe she’s the daughter of a rich businessman, and enjoys a pretty incredible lifestyle… without doing a thing…

Whatever she does… all YOU need to do is click the image to find out!

I mean… you won’t believe how she does it!

This image can actually be found on quite a few successful Native Ads, and interestingly, almost all the ads lead to some sort of trading website – usually Binary Options.

Ignoring the clearly miss-leading ad (she’s actually a ‘model-for-hire’ – you can find her on Google), this ad had to be included… because… well come on… she’s hot!


  1. The 25 Most Followed Women On Instagram



Use Instagram??

Me neither.

But I think I’m gonna have to sign up 🙂

What’s interesting about this Ad, is that the women in the photo isn’t instantly recognizable as someone famous, which means the creators of the Ad are likely targeting a very select niche.

Probably a younger demographic…

And while the Ad is doing fairly well, aside from the hot woman, we think they could do more to improve this.

What are your thoughts? Spotted something that could be better? Reply to this email and share your thoughts… we’d love to hear them!


  1. 20 Nerdy Child Stars Who Became Hotties



OK… the final Ad of today’s email.

So in a rare twist, this ad is actually performing super well… as well as featuring a very attractive lady that… apparently; used to be a child-star-nerd!


Anyway she is someones daughter so stop being a pervert, and pull your mind out of the gutter!

And that rounds up this week’s analysis of our Top 5 Native Ads.

Let me know what you thought of them…

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Chat soon:)