Happy Friday Mate!

Hope you’ve had a swell week and your campaigns are crushing it online =)

We’ve been busy – as always – in the NativeAdBuzz office, and once again (weeks are going by fast, huh!?) it’s time for our weekly Top 5.

In today’s email, we’re going to look at some down-right weird… wacky… and crazy Native Ads we’ve seen inside the NativeAdBuzz panel.

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Let’s get to it!


  1. Bet You’ve Never Seen A Delta Winged Jet Do This Before – Unbelievable!




Do *what* exactly…?


Take off?

Well, here in the NativeAdBuzz office we’re not entirely sure… but we like this ad, just because the intrigue factor does genuinely make you want to click-through, and find out what exactly this Delta Winged Jet is apparently doing!


  1. 17 Creepiest Abandoned Places Worldwide



Well… we’re not fortune-tellers here at NativeAdBuzz, but one thing IS for sure;

If Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland’ doesn’t claim the #1 spot on this list… something’s wrong.

(Although… admittedly, his ‘amusement’ park probably made this list long before it was abandoned!)

Now, note that this ad has seen steady traffic for almost a year, and while there are gaps in performance, generally it’s a very strong example of an effective Native Ad.

There’s no selling… no pitching… and no gimmicks…

Just a straight-up curiosity piece, that naturally gets you wanting to click through!


  1. What Lies Have Been Written About You Online?



Alright; so… we don’t really care whether this ad is doing well or not…

Because the image – WOW.


Well… we’re not sure that’s the most suitable image for the headlines context, but it’s so eye-grabbing, it achieves the ‘instant-attention-factor’ many online ads lack.


Any time you can capture a reader’s attention… and keep it, long enough for them to click your ad…

You’re doing something right.

And if you can do this with more of your ads… you’ll see MUCH higher CTR’s (and more money!

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  1. Teach These Female Celebrities How To Get Out Of a Car



So here’s an unusual ad.

(And one that does VERY well)

You see, the headline copy is written as though it’s talking to you – giving you an order.

It captivates you… puts you on the spot… and makes you feel ‘forced’ to read on.

This hard-lined approach doesn’t always work… and it can be really hard to get right…

But when you DO manage to ‘nail’ this angle, you can see big changes with your campaigns CTR.

If you do decide to take this approach, try to resonate with your market. Put them on the spot. Give them an ultimatum. Warn them about what happens if they DON’T do as you ask.

It’s not easy, but do it RIGHT, and the rewards speak for themselves.

(And… erm… come on – you know you’d be happy to help her out the car… 😉 …)


  1. 13 Deadly Foods You Probably Have In Your Kitchen



Oh damnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Potato lovers… watch out…

You’re going to die a long, painful, tormenting death.

Just kidding!!

But seriously; WTF is that image all about. We’d just ordered pizza in the NativeAdBuzz office… but we’ve had to cancel =(

We all feel sick.

Because of one stupid image.

Bloody Native Ads!

Buttttt; see how this ad got us talking?! Their ad – while not doing well – has found itself in front of NativeAdBuzz badasses like YOU…

And it just goes to show, weird marketing can something be good marketing!

So there you have it;

Some weird ads…

Disturbing ads…

And down-right crazy ads!

Hopefully you’ve managed to get a little bit of inspiration for your new Native Ad campaign…

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Let us know your thoughts on this week’s top 5, and as always, make sure you keep an eye on what’s working in your market, and what’s not!

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