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Hope you’re well, and are having a great week!

The weekend’s almost here, and we thought we’d chill things out a bit today, so instead of looking at our usual ads, we’re going to be focusing only on celebrities.

Love them… hate them…. Idolize them…

Whatever your thoughts are, we’re going to look at some examples of how celebrity context can boost your ads, so check them out!

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So, let’s get started…


  1. 25 Celebrities That You Forget Committed Horrible Crimes



While I’m not 100% convinced Will Smith did actually commit a horrible crime, that mugshot on the left certainly makes you think it’s possible…

Which is why I decided to feature this ad.

It’s been around a LONG time, and hasn’t done very well at all… but I actually like the way the creators have made this ad, as it uses clever imagery (putting Will Smith in a negative light) alongside a negative headline to make you think he’s not such a nice guy after all.

Want to know who the other 24 celebrities are? You know what to do!


  1. These Last Photos Of Stars Before Their Death Will Haunt You



First off, I’d like to express hope that we’re not all going to wake up with these celebrities standing over our beds, ready to claw at our throats…

Because ain’t no one got time for hauntings!

But I think it’s a safe bet to assume this ad is actually talking about how the images will make us recoil in horror as we look at stars who – apparently – are just minutes away from death.

A long-time high-performer, this ad has dropped in popularity over the last few months, but it’s still a strong contender for a high-performing ad, and aptly, it makes number two on today’s top 5!


  1. Inside Look At George’s Outrageous $15 Million Home



I know how you feel…

It’s been a long week, you’ve been hard at work, and you’re ready for the weekend, more than ever.

What better way to begin your 2 days of relaxation than by looking at George Clooney’s $15 Million mansion!

Well… thankfully… you no longer have to trawl through pages of Daily Mail content to try find the pictures and answers you want!

Because this ad’s done all the hard work for you!

Running for over a year, this ad has only recently begun to see any notable traction in the market, but with George and his wife in and out of the news all the time, it’ll be interesting to see how this performs as the year goes on!


  1. Kid Rock’s Mansion Will Take Your Breath Away




George Clooney not doing it for you? Want a more ‘down to earth’ look at a celebrity house?

Well; why not check out Kid Rock’s mansion!

(Unless you’re asthmatic. Then; don’t look at this ad. Because it will take your breath away.)

In all seriousness though, this ad has again, been running for over a year, and while it saw a big peak in traffic during September last year, since then it’s seen only minor levels of growth…

Although it fits perfectly in to our celebrity rundown, so of course, it had to be included!


  1. Anna Kendrick’s Latest Outfit Has Everyone Buzzing




Whether you like good ole’ Anna or not, there’s no denying;

We ALL want to see her latest outfit… right?

Although I’m not 100% sure why we’re going to come away feeling ‘buzzing’?!

While this ad has failed to pick up almost ANY traction over the last year it’s been running, I wanted to include it, as… well… It’s Anna….and it was either this or an ad about 20 celebrities who got ugly 🙂

And on that note, Anna brings us to the end of our ‘Celebrity rundown’.

Hopefully you won’t spend too much time procrastinating looking through the contentAnd it’s almost the weekend, so you’ve only got to stay focused for a few more hours!

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