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Anyway, in today’s top 5, we’re going to be looking at some of the weirdest ads we’ve seen on NativeAdBuzz in the last week.

Some perform well… others not so great…

But ALL these ads are freakin weird, and leave you wondering!

So let’s get started…


  1. Hubby’s Snoring Keeping You Up At Nights? There Is A Solution For You



Lol, this made us do a bit of a double take.

Part astronaut/part bear, this odd looking fella appears to have pissed his wife off to the point she made him wear… what looks to be a snoring mask?

Whether her intention was to suffocate him so he’d NEVER snore again, or just to stop him snoring for a few hours…

We’ll never know, but this ad just oozes curiosity, and makes even US want to find out more!

(Not to mention it’s really, really, really weird)


  1. 1 Strange Method Restores 20/20 Vision


Hey, does anyone even know what 20/20 vision means?

Well… if you didn’t… it’s where a young girl clips two clothes pegs to her eyelids and looks solemn, as though her family have perished in a tragic accident.

At least… we think that’s what it means?

While we’re not 100% sure, what we CAN tell you, is this ad is weird, wacky… and weird.

Yeah, it’s weird.

Did we say weird?



Is your eyesight lacking?



  1. 12 Wedding Dresses That Are A Crime Against Humanity


Wow. Yeah, we totally agree.

OK, so we actually think saying this wedding dress is a crime against humanity is going a bit far.



I hope this poor woman has gotten the help she needs 🙁

I mean… she’s either trying to be a Kangaroo, or wants to show off her tummy…

Either way, I think it would be better for all of us if she could present her ideas in another way, and perhaps… erm… cover up?

Not surprisingly, this ad isn’t seeing a huge amount of success online, and it’s hard to see that changing, unless perhaps Kate Middleton decides to sprout this little number on her next fun-day-out Royal outing!


  1. This Is How You Should Be Cooking Bacon


Hey guys, got a serious question here.

Does anyone know the creator of this ad?

The people running it?

The copywriter who came up with the headline?

Look… if you do…

Email me in confidence.

Because my misses is gonna kill him…..

(I jest, I jest)


imagine my dismay when I found myself sleepwalking at 3AM, attempting to recreate this little slice of heaven I’d seen the night before.

I almost burnt the house down.

It looks delicious… I’m sure it IS delicious…

And if I don’t burn the house down… maybe I’ll even taste it one day!

On a serious note, the ad hasn’t seen any large-scale success yet, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on it to monitor exactly how it does over the next couple of months. Some times the odd ones pull through!


  1. Howlifeworks.com



I know, I know…howlifeworks.com is where content.ad send all their remnant traffic…even still this offer must be killing it.

Another  snoring cure…it’s a good pain point if you can make it work.

Me I just pretend to snore so that I get to sleep in my own room 😉


(Although it’s got fairly good results, so who are we to talk!)



There you have it.

5 weird, wacky, and truly terrifying ads from the past week.

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