Hey mate, how’s it going?

Hope you’ve had a good week…

(And making a s!*t load of money, of course!)

The NativeAdBuzz office has been busy as ever, and with lots new changes rolling out across the site it’s likely we’ll be sacrificing sleep for a good few months!

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So it’s time for this week’s top 5 ads, and we’re going down a different route today.

Some call us nasty…

Others applaud our honesty…

We just think we’re being funny 🙂

That’s because… drum roll…

We’re going to be looking at the ugliest ads of PEOPLE from the last week.

Yep… that’s right…

In our huge database of native ads, we’ve picked out the least-flattering, most-hideous, cringe-worthy images of actual people that made us want to throw our lunch up…

And we’re putting them right in from of you. Here. Right now!

So, let’s get started…


  1. Wat McDonald’s Medewerker in Local Area Deed Voor €469,669 Is te Ongeloofiijk!


Take 10 points if you managed to figure out the meaning of that headline.

Part English, part (we think) German, it’s certainly an odd way to market…

But hey, we’re not here to critique the copywriting.

We’re here to look at HIM!

In one of the weirdest photos seen in the NativeAdBuzz database, it seems like this guy is… sat inside a fast-food machine?!

We’re putting our money on the deep-fat-fryer.

That’s the only explanation for that… haircut… right?

In a perfect example of someone you wouldn’t want to ‘introduce to the family’, this young lad scored a modest 2/5 on our ‘Hatred of Humans Just By Looking At Them’ scale…

(Although we’re sure he’s actually a really nice guy in real life!


  1. The Bank Accounts Of These Preachers Will Shock You


So, what exactly is going to shock us so bad???

Surely it can’t be as bad as the first minute we were unfortunate to lay eyes on this scrawny, ‘frat-haircut’ dude.

What looks to be a cross between an Italian kiss expressing his love for the food, and a gesture to pull a hair out his mouth, this guy takes spot number 2, just because it’s a really annoying image.

(We’d also quite like to find out what’s so shocking in his bank account – do you know?)

Unsurprisingly this ad has seen ZERO success in the market, and we’re putting our money on it staying this way…

But we’ve been wrong before!


  1. Netherlands Most Powerful People Trying To Ban This Video


OK, let’s run through possible situations of why this video is being ‘banned’.

Hell’s Angel biker caught fondling a rival gang’s pin up girl?

Convicted sex-offender free to pry on (seemingly willing) female hottie?

Married family man with the wife away for the week?

ALL of the above would be more than feasible to tie in with the image above…

But if YOU want to know why the Netherland’s most powerful people are trying to ban the video, you better go check it out for yourself!

This guy’s got a pretty likeable smile (and a sikkkk tattoo bro!), but he makes it to spot #3 just for the shades. I mean come onnnnnnn…


  1. 40 Years Later: You Will Never Believe How ‘The Brady Bunch’ Look Now


If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of being with a ‘serial complainer’ at a restaurant… you’ll probably recognize the woman on the right.

And you KNOW what I mean…

The type who’ll cause a fuss when there’s a single strand of delicious mozzarella cheese out of place.

The type who lost their sense of humour back in 1978.

Anyway, this ad makes spot #4 because the woman bears a lot of resemblance to our ‘complaining avatar’…

And the grumpy face, the untidy hair, and the devil-looking eyes make this a high contender for the scariest woman ever seen on the Internet!


  1. 10 Celebrities Who Were Hideous When They Were Babies


Yes… we went there…

We had to include an ugly kid.

(Although we’re not 100% sure this image isn’t photoshopped)

Quite how a child is born looking like that will forever remain a mystery, but if you ever have the unfortunate experience of coming across this ad during your Internet browsing, know that there’s dedicated counselling available  – just Google ‘PTSD help’ and you’ll find all the help you need.

Alright… not to mock mental illness (because it’s not funny at all), but this image DID make the NativeAdBuzz office laugh…

And while we’re not sure we’ll ever want to see a baby this ugly again, the more you look at it, the more you can’t take your eyes off (her?).

So there you go…

This week’s (ugliest) top 5.

Let me know what you thought?!

And feel free to email back with any contenders you think should be on our next ‘ugliest’ list!

Back to the NativeAdBuzz office now for more work – fun fun fun!

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