Any e-commerce site – both new and old – will always be looking at ways to improve profitability, and ultimately make more sales.

In the past we’ve seen guys try their hands at YouTube campaigns… direct-mail pieces… even walking billboards. (no, we’re not joking…)

While the ocassional ‘bright-spark’ will make one of these weird techniques work for their site, the vast majority rely on online advertising, usually in the form of Google AdWords.

In this post, we’re going to show you 3 ways to improve YOUR traffic volume and sales levels, and while using GoogleAdwords is certainly a decent approach, you may want to look at alternative Native Ad Networks like Taboola, Outbrain, and Adblade.

Trick #1: Look A What’s Actually Working

OK, this sounds pretty obvious you’re thinking, but we can’t emphasize enough how beneficial this step can be to your business.

Start by looking at how some of the bigger names in your industry are marketing, and learn, adapt, and utilize their approach into your campaign.


This is really easy to do, and is the very reason we built NativeAdBuzz allows you to track how companies are using native advertising in their business, with the ability to search by publisher, market strength, social impact and more!

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Inside, you’ll be able to discover which ads are performing best… and look at how they’re structured, both image and text wise.

While we’re not saying to literally ‘copy’ high-performing ads, it can give you a great indication of what direction you should be taking with your marketing campaigns, so it’s well worth looking into.

Trick #2 Study Competitors Landing pages:

f2cbd4b59c24951d328e89a9cbcbe805Similar to the first trick, it’s also incredibly beneficial to look at where your competitors are actually sending their traffic.

It’s all well and good having that perfect ‘beach body ready’ native ad, but if you’re sending your traffic to a dud/low-converting landing page or product, you’re never going to make money, no matter how great your product range is.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be an expert copywriter (the guys who write landing pages), or a fantastic designer (the lovely hardworking Pakistani gentleman who works for a modest $5/hr), because again, like the first step you can see EXACTLY where your competitors traffic is heading.

View every landing page they’re sending traffic to, and get a fantastic overview of how they’re maximising their ROI on traffic… and how you can do the same.

Additional Hint: Always, always, ALWAYS split-test. There’s no better way to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, and even tiny changes like the color of the buttons you use can make a big difference on your campaigns. Split testing is really easy, and can be achieved using simple software, readily available online, even Google Analytics, which is free.

Trick #3: Be Willing To Evolve

Think about the industrial revolution…

The companies that embraced new technologies and systems thrived, while those that didn’t, went bankrupt, and lost everything.

Ok – extreme example – yep, great point.

But the same principles still apply to business today, especially with the rapid expansion of the Internet.

A common trap many entrepreneurs fall into, is that they get a decent steam of income from the online store, and get ‘stuck’ in the trap of not being able to scale and grow.

They’re making a modest profit, and they’re happy… but they know that deep down they could be doing more.

Once you get out of this mind-set, and become willing to try new things (new ad platforms, different landing pages, traffic sources etc), you can see huge changes to your business, and end up making a LOT more money!


Those are just a few of the ways that you can begin improving your campaigns and make more money with native advertising, and if you’re serious about making good money from your eCommerce website, you MUST ensure you’re checking out what your competitors are doing – the ones who are doing it RIGHT, that is.

NativeAdBuzz gives you complete access to the most powerful ads running on the Internet today, and you can view so much in-depth information about a specific campaign, your competitors would probably try and DDOS your site if they knew you were ‘lookin at em naked!)

Ok… don’t worry – we’re only joking.

But seriously, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s working, and what’s not, so that you can adapt your campaigns appropriately.

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