How to Successfully Apply Your Research

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Uncovering and identifying opportunities is only the first step to unlocking the full potential of Native Ad Buzz.

To succeed you need to take action and apply everything you have discovered.

Here is a list of ways you can apply your discoveries.


Create Winning Adverts

1. Adapt the advert headline

Take the advert headline and improve upon it to use in your own campaigns.


2. Reverse image search advert image

From the advert full details page complete a reverse image search, either on google, tineye or Bing  to find similar images to use in your own campaigns


3. Download the advert image

Download the advert image and improve it using a graphic editor for use in your own campaigns


4. Use campaign targeting data

Use an adverts network, country and device data to enhance your campaigns chances of success


Create Winning Funnels and Content

1. Visit and analyse the complete funnel

Visit a campaigns landing pages and uncover the funnel structure to adapt and use for your own campaigns

Learn how to do this here


2. Save landing page content and images

In browser window visit landing and funnel pages to right click, and save the html and images. This can then be adapted and uploaded to your own server as part of your own campaigns


3. Inspect and view page source

In google chrome right click and Inspect or View Page Source to discover any tools and unique code which is being used on a site or page and may be useful to you.


4. Identify technology

Discover what technology and advert stack successful marketers are using which might be useful to you.

Chrome browser plugins can be useful such as WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector,  Headerbid ExpertFollow, and also sites such as SimilarTech.


5. Discover which offers to use.

This is specifically for the affiliate business model.

After identifying the CPA offer used, search for the same one or something similar. Services like Offer Vault are useful for this.