Get To Know The User Interface – Part 9 – Advert Full Details Page vs Popup

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Advert Full Details Page

Although the Advert Full Details Page contains exactly the same information as the Advert Full Details Popup, it is different.

The difference being it is an actual page with its own URL instead of just a popup.

We created it to allow you to keep multiple adverts open in browser tabs while you continue to search through the database.

 Popouts and pages contain the same information. Popouts are intended for quick reference, where as pages allow for continued comparison as they are opened in a new browser tab.


Accessing Advert Full Details Page

TheAdverts Full Details Page opens in a new browser tab, and you can access it in 2 ways:

  1. 1. By clicking the New Window Link in the top right corner of the Advert popup.


  1. 2.By clicking a row on the Advert Tab of an Advertiser Full Details page.