The great Native Advertising “rebellion” is currently being executed across corporate boardrooms, professional advertising conference rooms, and within internet entrepreneurs’ bedrooms right at this very moment. It’s high-time for some fun, laser-targeted work (not hard work), and user engagement like we’ve never seen before…

Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

Native Advertising has very much transformed into an act of rebellion in the way that it has liberated marketers from the restrictive nature of seeking approval to run obtrusive, distracting banner ads across digital and mobile platforms – and also from the mediocre click-through rates that often come with the territory.

Now, as we approach the year 2016, many of us have finally figured out the dirty little secret to attracting consumers on such a primal, biological level that it’s kind of insane to think about how much time we’ve spent “persuading” or “convincing” consumers to take action in the past.

The dirty truth is that as long as you can commit to providing your target audience with an abundance of written, video or audio content that they already desire over a consistent period of time – your odds of being able to leverage online Native Advertising into cold-hard cash ($1,000,000+) are going to skyrocket.

High-performing brands with massive marketing budgets such as Nike have been replicating this strategy over and over again as of late. This new-age formula for online marketing typically involves lots of emotion, honesty and desire-fulfillment over consistent periods of time. Just check out Casey Neistat on YouTube to see how he promotes products for billion-dollar brands – all thanks to enormous corporate budgets specifically set aside for Native Advertising…

Nike ran one of the most effective Native Advertising campaigns to date via a popular YouTuber
Nike ran one of the most effective Native Advertising campaigns to date via a popular YouTuber

What’s funny is that many of these companies actually have too much of a marketing budget to spend. Many marketing directors literally don’t even know what to do with all of the money available to them because they can’t easily find marketing investments that are big and bold enough to pursue. This concept is quite contrary to the majority of marketers who often approach campaigns with a scarcity mindset – when the reality is that making your first million becomes obvious once you learn to consistently give people greater value – even with a super-limited budget.


Pro tip: Approach your Native Advertising efforts from the frame of being a multi-million dollar marketer. Even if you don’t have access to a large ad spend budget (many of us don’t) it’s still important to start from a position of believing that you have access to abundant resources (you do).

Best of all – many of these mega-corporations and even smaller-sized independent businesses are actually in search of people just like you who can drive new traffic their way.

But if you’d prefer to do your own thing, just as most of us do, then you can launch a media content company like NextShark for virtually zero start-up capital and run In-Feed Native Ads, Content Recommendations or Sponsored Content pieces for simple, straightforward monetization. Yes, this is Buzzfeed’s business model to a tee, but it’s still one of the many simple Native Advertising formulas that’s turning consistent (not hard-working) online marketers into millionaires.

So, we’ve already drilled home the idea that *consistently* marketing your business, brand affiliation or offer is going to be unbelievably important in 2016.

We overemphasize the point of being consistent because of the fact that most millennials AND online marketers alike have already diagnosed themselves with ADHD going into 2016. This means that committing to a valuable offer, opportunity, brand or niche while utilizing a strong Native Advertising strategy is going to be crucial this year. Most people can’t commit to much of anything anymore – so this little trick of persistence can absolutely be worked in your favor.

People, products and businesses are still really messed up, so there are an abundance of issues that can be solved by you right away. This may involve tackling specific pain points in the form of…

  • Publishing irresistible content on a mass-market blog and running Native Ads
  • Making your affiliate campaigns go VIRAL across Revcontent or Taboola
  • Getting people to feel gratified by selling them special digital or physical products
  • Providing people with relief from boredom by creating entertaining videos on YouTube

The opportunities that exist in 2016 are limitless.


It’s important to remember that there’s virtually zero hard work involved in any of this. It just takes consistency to build a small Native Advertising empire in 2016. 95% of people tend to give up on profitable opportunities after just their first few months of failed attempts. It’s those who choose to stick it out even during the worst of times that always seem to prevail in the world of online marketing.

When you’re getting terrible user engagement, if people are claiming to hate your brand and everything that it stands for, or when your ad spend is generating a negative ROI – it’s good to remember that the difficult times are always just temporary.

We’re convinced that absolutely anyone can succeed at Native if you’re simply committed to “putting in your time.” There’s still no mention of hard work here. That’s because doing the right kind of work over and over again is the smart play to make.

Targeting the right kind of people with the right kind of offer on a regular basis beats generic “hard work” every single time.

And yes, we already know what you’re thinking (because we genuinely appreciate and understand our audience).

This article is in fact a Native Ad in that we want to provide you with an abundance of free value, while also giving you the opportunity to exponentially cut down on the time and frustration that it will take you to generate $1,000,000+ in online revenue.

If you want, you can still write down much of the free information available on this website and launch your own Native strategy today. We’re convinced that just about anyone can find success at this after spending enough time building, testing and overcoming the stresses that come with the Native Advertising learning curve.

However, we also want to provide our readers with the opportunity to tap into an exclusive “vault” of recipes that contain the world’s most profitable Native Ad campaigns being updated in real-time. We provide everyday people like you with the chance to replicate winning Native Ad campaigns that generate five, six and seven or more figures in online marketing revenue.


Native Advertising has opened up a brand-new door to marketers who want to work, live and play anywhere in the world while making an exceptional living online. You can get started in late 2015, and be partying in a Spanish nightclub by 2016 if you’re willing to put in the work time. That’s all that it takes – really.

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Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

Cancel if you don’t learn something life-changing. But, you just might find yourself addicted to the rush of knowing exactly how to generate 7-figures in online revenue over a relatively short period of time. We want to see you succeed – and we want to see you partying in Spain with our members who are winning at Native in 2016.