Using Advert and Advertiser Popouts and Full Pages Like a Pro

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Time to Step it Up!

The following demo’s show how to use the popouts and full details in a seamless flow of analysing and saving adverts and advertisers of value.


Searching and Comparing Adverts

Demonstration of a basic search to find adverts of interest in a niche on a chosen network. After scrolling through it shows opening the details of interesting adverts in a new tab for comparison, before saving the most relevant to the favourites library.



Searching Adverts and Analysing the Advertisers

Demonstration of an advert search and analysis of the advertisers that have launched any relevant adverts.

This is useful as it enables you to identify competitors and also to see if they have launched any other adverts of interest.



Advertiser Search to Analyse a Competitors Adverts

Searching for a competitor on the advertisers page and then analysing and comparing their adverts and viewing the advertisers landing page.

This is useful as it enables you to get into the adverts through the advertisers and dig into a competitors full catalogue.