Favourites Library – Part 1 – Saving Adverts

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Saving Adverts To Your Favourites

When you discover adverts of interest in the NativeAdBuzz catalogue you can store them in your favourites library for later analysis.

Adverts can be added to your favourites from multiple locations:


Advert Catalogue, Advert Tiles:

When hovering over the advert tile you can see the white add to favourites heart appear. Click the heart and the heart will turn red as the advert is added to your favourites, click it again and it will turn white as the advert is removed.


Advert Full Details Popout and Page


 Advert Tab of Advertiser Full Details Page

Click the heart in the last column of the table. It works the same way as on the advert tile.




Removing Favourites

To remove an advert from your favourites simply do the opposite. Click a red heart to turn it grey and it will be removed .