Get To Know The User Interface – Part 13 – Private Members Forum

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Private Members Forum

The Private Members Forum is where you can ask any advertising questions, seek support for troubling issues and also contribute to help others become more successful.

There are lots of priceless golden nuggets of wisdom on the forum already, so be sure to check previous topics and categories.

Access the  Forum from the left-hand side menu on any app page.

The forum opens in a new browser tab.

Forum User Interface


  1. 1. Forum functions: Quick access to categories and articles from any page
  2. 2. User Menu: See the latest on the threads you are engaged in and quickly access your recent history. Also contains user account options, such as change profile picture and check account info.
  3. 3. Create New Topic: Create a new discussion topic
  4. 4. Category Filter: Filter the topics by category
  5. 5. Topic Filters: Filter the topics in different ways
  6. 6. Categories: Visit the categories page
  7. 7. Main Content Area: Click a topic to open and read.
Change Username and Email have been disabled on the forum. These actions are available from the NativeAdBuzz Account Management pages. After changing either of these, log out and back in for the changes to take effect in the Forum