Get To Know The User Interface – Part 1 – Header Bar and Side Menu

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Header Bar and Side Menu

Every page of the NativeAdbuzz app has 2 permanent features; the Header Bar and the Side Menu.

Header Bar

  1. 1. NativeAdBuzz logo: Clicking the logo will take you back to the main advert page
  2. 2. Favs Icon: Clicking the Favs icon will take you to your favourites library
  3. 3. User Menu: Clicking your chosen name will open the drop-down menu for managing your account. From the user menu you can:
    • * Access and manage your profile
    • * Access and manage your subscription, including upgrading, downgrading, cancelling etc
    • * Log out of NativeAdBuzz


Side Menu

The side menu is located on the left-hand side of each page. The side menu can be in one of 2 states, either expanded or collapsed:



  1. 1. Link to main advert screen (search the NAB advert catalogue)
  2. 2. Link to advertisers screen (search through the NAB advertiser catalogue
  3. 3. Link to your favourites library (find all the ads you have saved for future analysis)
  4. 4. Link to the NativeAdBuzz Knowledgebase and FAQ (find answers to almost any question)
  5. 5. Link to the NativeAdBuzz private member’s forum (connect with the community)
  6. 6. Click to expand or collapse side menu
  7. 7. Click to send a message or ask a question to your NativeAdBuzz Support Team