Favourites Library – Part 2 – Your Favourites

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Your Favourites

Your favourite adverts are stored in your Favourites Library, which can be accessed from both the left side menu and the header bar next to the user menu:



Favourites Page

  1. 1. Keyword search Favourites: Search your favourite adverts with a headline keyword search
  2. 2. Advanced Search Favourites: Use advanced filters to search your favourited adverts
  3. 3. Favourite Catalogue: Your favourite adverts, filtered as you choose. Click an advert tile to open the advert’s full details popup


Keyword Search Favourites

Search your favourite adverts by keyword or keyword phrase. Simply type a keyword into the search field and hit search to see the results:




Advanced Search Favourites

Instead of an outdated folder and filing system, we have implemented an advanced search filter which enables you to quickly and accurately filter your favourited ads to find the most relevant ones. This function works very similarly to the advanced search functionality on the main advert catalogue page.


  1. 1. Keyword Search: Search for a headline keyword or keyword phrase.
  2. 2. Advertiser Search: Search by a specific advertiser
  3. 3. Publisher Search: Search by a specific publisher
  4. 4. Network Filter: Choose to filter results by one of 10 networks, or select all networks.
  5. 5. Country Filter: Choose to filter results by one of 12 countries, or select all countries.



View Advert Details

Click an advert’s tile to view its full details