Entrepreneurs are people who make things happen. Regardless of how challenging it is, we find a way. We visualise our goals, and take committed congruent actions until we succeed. Some goals are easier than others, and some are down right bastards, but we always get there in the end.

Wantrepreneurs desperately hope to be entrepreneurs. They dream about the glory of succeeding and achieving their goals but somehow they don’t get anywhere. Some people have attributed this to laziness, but this is not the case. In fact wantrepeneurs actually put so much energy into feeling rubbish and impotent that they expend more effort suffering than any entrepreneur.

Fortunately the 4 early warning signs of the wantrepreneur can be quickly recognised and remedied. In fact the only real difference between an entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur is learning how to create a successful environment to thrive in.

Of course there is no way to guarantee entrepreneurial success, but by remedying the following you at least give yourself a fighting chance.

1.Letting The Books Get In The Way Of Your Learning

Warning sign

You study too much and do too little. You keep reading and reading, buying more and more information products or downloading free ones. You are stuck in analysis paralysis not knowing how to move forwards. Being both scared of failure and believing there is only one correct way to do things, you are trapped. You feel you have to know everything about something before you can use it, and as that is impossible you are set up for massive pain.


Entrepreneurs read, take action, reflect, adjust and go again. They are interested in knowledge only so far as it can give them ideas to work with. Theoretical knowledge is valid only if it can be applied and tested resulting in real world learning that moves you closer to your goals.

2. Living In A Bubble Isolated And Alone

Warning Sign

You sit by yourself in your bedroom struggling to apply the endless techniques you have researched, isolated from any support. Your confidence dwindles and you feel so very, very alone, adrift in an ever widening deep, stormy, black ocean. Clouds draw overhead obscuring the sky, it is going to be another rough day just like yesterday and you will be facing it so very alone.


Entrepreneurs know that being part of groups is vital. Learning from other peoples mistakes and successes accelerates growth, and having a support network of people who understand what you are trying to achieve and how you are feeling is invaluable. There is an abundance of skills to be shared, and once everyone has succeeded, well thats when the relationships really come into their own. Entrepreneurs understand the value of a team and community.

3. Only Using Free Tools And Information, Too Scared To Invest In Your Own Success

Warning Sign

You have a poor relationship with money, frightened that once you have spent it, it will never return. You struggle along trying to get by using free tools, and scrappy solutions to important business functions. Ultimately you don’t have the confidence in yourself to believe you can succeed, and are not prepared to invest in yourself. Alas, in doing so you don’t even allow yourself a chance of success…a most unfortunate and horrible cycle indeed.


Entrepreneurs understand that it is only through the correct use of knowledge and tools that they will achieve their goals. Premium tools cost money because a professional has dedicated their knowledge and time to designing and building them. Entrepreneurs know that success is reciprocal and that you must give value to receive value. They understand that access to the best tools, knowledge and people costs a premium, and they are prepared to pay for it.

4. Lost Up Shit Creek Without A Paddle Or A Map

Warning Sign

In listening to too many free sources of information and failing to commit to your goals you have no guide or direction to follow. You are lost with no idea where to turn or how to proceed. You know you want to achieve something, and if you are lucky you may even know what you want to achieve, but you don’t have a scoobies (slang for clue) of how to achieve it.


Entrepreneurs look for mentors and mentor groups who have achieved the same or similar goals. They draw from the experiences of their mentors to figure out how to proceed. They listen to their council, apply the knowledge and then draw conclusions from their results. Entrepreneurs pay to access the right people because they know how invaluable they are.


Using this article you can quickly identify the warning signs of the wantrepreneur and nip them in the bud. All entrepreneurs at some point have suffered wantrepreneurship. It can creep up on you slowly, especially if you don’t have anyone watching your back and holding you accountable. The remedy is simple, though not easy and almost impossible to achieve alone.  Are you ready to step up to the plate and take action now?


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