Reviewed and Updated – September 5th 2020


NativeAdvertising is the fastest growing internet marketing trend of 2020

Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

Native ad spend in the US alone is set to hit $52 Billion

So why all the fuss? Why should internet marketers like me and you  pay attention to Native Ad Buzz  ? Why is NOW the best time for you to get into native advertising?

Here are the 10 reasons which convinced me

1. “Traditional digital advertising has become wallpaper … It doesn’t improve anyone’s experience on a site and readers, myself included, pretty much look past it.” said GE’s global head of media strategy, Jason Hill.


2. 73% of online publishers already currently offer native advertising with a further 17% planning on going native according to


3. Enormous 1000% boost in click through rates according to ContentClick who are averaging CTR’s of 2% across its whole network of 500 publishers and bloggers compared to the industry standard of 0.2%, as reported in the guardian


4. 70% of consumers prefer to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising and hard sells


5. People view native ads 53% more than banner ads


6. A huge 32% of consumers would share a native ad with friends and family vs a tiny 19% for traditional banner ads.


7. Viewers spend practically the same length of time reading native ads as the publishers actual editorial content, (1 sec v 1.2 secs)


8. Native advertising can result in a whopping 82% brand lift.


9. Native ads that include rich media can result in a 60% boost to conversion rates.


10. Massive 53% increase of purchase intent with Native Ads.


These statistics sound impressive right, but as all marketers know humans are notoriously bad at understanding the relevance statistics. So what do they actually mean?

Well, as a real world example of what can be accomplished with native advertising Beeby Clark+Meyler led a native advertising campaign for GE which reached 5.1 million people and resulted in 416,000 clickthroughs with a whopping 8% CTR.

Enough motivation for you? Have you noticed that gnawing sensation that it’s time to get off the fence and get native yet?


A little bit about us if your interested:

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Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

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