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If you’re going to make just 1 New Year’s Resolution this year, then it HAS to involve feeding the extreme desire for health and wellness that’s been building over the past few years and is about to EXPLODE across the web (while sprinkling billions of dollars in profits out to various publishers and affiliates across 100+ different countries)…

Are you going to be one of the publishers or advertisers who reaches out and grabs a big piece of the health and fitness dough that’s openly available for the taking?

Because you absolutely can be. Native Advertising doesn’t care about you or your background. It just wants results.

I really hope that you choose to go this route.

You’re about to receive the in-depth details on your free, step-by-step gift in just a moment…

First, I need to warn you of the common pitfalls that come with this time of the year.

It’s way too easy to fall into the trap of becoming one of the “New Year’s resolution people” who SAYS they’re going to make a drastic change. I’ve been there many times before.

It wasn’t until I learned the concept of “PROOF NOT PROMISE” that I actually figured out how to kick my own ass into high-gear about 3 years ago.

What I finally figured out is that when you make a PROMISE to yourself that you’re going to achieve something, or even tell people about your New Year’s resolution – you actually trick your brain into believing that you’ve already accomplished whatever it is that you said you were going to do.

This is just 1 of the many reasons why the health and fitness sector is about to ERUPT for Native Advertisers, online marketers and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

You’ve got massive amounts of people who are about to make bold and ambitious promises to themselves, their friends and family members.

Billions of dollars’ worth of health supplements, online fitness content, weight loss products, gym memberships, exercise programs and more are about to be consumed in a period of months

However, here’s the craziest part of the lesson I learned…

I also realized that once you PROVE to yourself that you can drive results by taking genuine action, this is when your brain actually starts to believe your own BS.

When you forget about making promises, and start making real-world commitments to feeding HUNGRY market demands, this is how lives are changed forever.

By simply giving the people exactly what they want this year without setting any other expectations, you’ll probably achieve some of the biggest results you’ve ever encountered in your lifetime…

I’m still pissed that I didn’t learn about this messy side of psychology until recently

However, simply implementing this trick at some point will easily set you apart from 98% of the online entrepreneurs out there who will be attempting to TAKE value from people, rather than giving them an abundance of what they actually want in the first place!

Are you seeing the simple formula that’s sitting here right before your eyes?

You know there’s an immense market of well-intentioned people who are preparing to make big PROMISES to themselves (tricking their brains).

You’re now also aware that you have to begin PROVING to yourself that supplying only a tiny speck of this multi-trillion-dollar demand for health and wellness products, services and information will turn you into a millionaire many times over.

Proof not promise.

So if you’re feeling pretty good about the competitive intelligence that you now have in regards to the upcoming health and wellness madness that’s about to take place, then I’ve got some even better news for you…

You’re about to unwrap one hell of a Christmas present, because I’ve included our free, step-by-step Native New Year’s Arbitrage Template right here for you.

This template explains how to profit from the health, fitness, diet and wellness boom that’s about to take off in 2016 with a proven, scalable method that’s already working for hundreds of mega-brands.

Here we go. Here’s how to profit from the massive health industry in 2016 using the Native New Year’s Arbitrage Template.

Step 1.) Choose your women’s demographic of choice

If it’s a shock to hear that women will be the health demographic of choice to target in 2016…then you probably haven’t visited a local shopping mall or viewed a major health & beauty brand’s Instagram page in recent years.

While the everlasting testosterone, muscle gain and male enhancement niches will practically always be around to provide for big opportunity – it’s primarily the various international female audiences that will drive a majority of the demand for wellness solutions in 2016.

So, how do you know which women’s niche to choose from this year?

Simple. Find a women’s audience with a health and wellness problem that you can connect with on some tiny level and begin to consistently deliver real-life solutions to them via your channel of choice (primarily through online publishing or advertising – which we will cover in step #2).

Don’t worry if you aren’t a chick, and don’t understand your niche’s problems on an intrinsic level just yet. You can still connect with them, and give them better solutions as time goes on. The most important thing is that you just start giving value to a particular audience.

This is also where things get fun, because you have so many available avenues to choose from. It’s also a little bit overwhelming.

So, what are some great female health demographics and niches to attack right away?

Well, we’re going to help you choose your niche right away…

2016’s Major Health & Wellness Opportunities For Native Advertisers

Opportunity #1: Natural and Organic Personal Care

Women of the world are quickly opening their eyes to the potential dangers that come with rubbing synthetic ingredients into their body’s largest organ.

We all know that fear sells, but synthetic personal care is one fear that’s of legitimate concern.

This fear is actually being leveraged by the numerous brands that are supplying products which don’t contain unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives and fillers. The demand for natural personal care products is growing at a faster rate than the traditional skincare industry as a whole…

While there are still many people willing to ignore the possible dangers that come with using synthetic skincare products (and you do ultimately just have to give the people what they want) – the natural and organic personal care boom is only now beginning to take off like crazy, and the playing field for this market is currently wide open with potential.

Promoting your own brand or affiliate products in the natural and organic personal care niche is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of right at this very moment. It’s also a cool, beneficial cause to get behind because you can feel good about helping people while you build your own highly-profitable Native business. Potential opportunities include creating a Native Ad media platform dedicated to natural facial care, advertising naturally-derived affiliate skin creams, or even creating your own physical product and managing your own viral marketing efforts online.

Opportunity #2: Food (Think Green)

You might not believe it, but interest in veganism is skyrocketing across the Western world. Regardless of your views on whether eating meat versus vegetables is best for your health – this is going to be a major money niche of the 21st century. So don’t even worry about personal beliefs for just a moment, and consider jumping in on this profitable trend that hasn’t even come close to peaking as of yet…

A vegan food or restaurant arbitrage website targeting a major metropolitan area (think of your own city or one near you) could do very well with some Native content recommendation ads.

Advertising high-quality digital vegan cookbooks, workout plans, and nutrition guides across great Native networks is also going be extremely lucrative for some.

Vegans are wildly passionate about their lifestyle, and could turn out to be one of the best audiences that you target in all of 2016.

While the vegetable juicing and blending trend has largely already been promoted quite heavily in recent years, there’s still so much opportunity for creating or promoting vegan media and lifestyle powerhouse brands, vegan-approved supplements, recipes, food products and so many more of the things that Vegans are flooding Google with…

Opportunity #3: Fitness & Nutraceuticals

It seems like the fitness world has a new angle to work every single week. This is awesome, as it’s an industry that’s constantly evolving and dishing out new opportunities on a regular basis…

In fact, fitness changes so rapidly that it can be pretty difficult to predict what’s going to happen in this area, unless you’re really in-tune with the trends or have some inside industry knowledge.

Since you never really know which fitness supplement, workout program or video product is going to take off in the fitness world until the market actually responds to it – I would keep a very close eye on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs targeting mid-aged women, and bodyweight fitness products targeting specific problem areas like thighs and glutes.

Tea and coffee-based thermogenics also made a massive impact in 2015, and paired very well with the “natural” weight loss movement that isn’t going away anytime soon. Fat-burning with tea-based products is a trend that just might bounce back faster than you think.

Regardless of the exact niche that you decide to pursue in 2016 – what’s most important here is that you’re feeding a single, hungry market demand that’s consistently craving the solutions you’re offering to them. You want to become the master of one demographic and one problem that will be sticking around.

Prove to yourself that you can consistently give one audience what they want, and your entire journey will only gain momentum as you keep pushing forward with Native Advertising.

So, now that you’ve chosen a profitable niche concept to run with for 2016, or at least have a much better idea of which avenue to take…how are you going to get your message out to your people?

Step 2. (Part One): Publish Your Viral Content

To publish your viral content (to be used in conjunction with Native Advertisements) you’re simply going to choose a nice domain name that you’re okay with sticking to throughout 2016 and beyond. You’re building a brand here, and while the name you choose isn’t all that important, try to keep it memorable.

Get your domain, hosting (not shared), WordPress installation and CDN all set up, then start building your content! Create it yourself, or hire it out – but just make sure that it’s as entertaining, magnetizing and viral as possible. Use lots of high-quality pictures that are optimized with an image optimization plugin so that they load quickly for your viewers.

Once you get some (picture-heavy) content published, you’re going to want to test your content out to see how your audience responds to it. Maybe run a little bit of Facebook traffic to your content to see what kind of feedback you’re getting. Are people clicking through and sharing your media? Are they leaving fun feedback on your Ads? Look at the data, adjust your content as necessary, and repeat the process as fast as you can.

Are you taking full advantage of NativeAdBuzz to see what’s really working across the web?

Make sure that your content is “working” with your niche, and ensure that you have at least 10-15 pieces of good content published to start with. You should probably also acquire access to a good Native network at this point as well, if you aren’t already publishing with one or two.

Once you’ve determined that your articles are at least somewhat working, and you have access to a Native network or two, you can begin to run Native Ads on your website and begin the arbitrage process (driving traffic to your website however you best see fit – which our NativeAdBuzz Facebook Mastermind group can absolutely help you out with).

Getting the Native Ad arbitrage publishing process right will take some tweaking at first, but you’re ultimately going to be playing one of the hottest advertising games of the industry here. It will also be one of the most fulfilling games that you’ve ever played once you start to see real-world profits from your new Native Ad arbitrage business in 2016.

This game involves bringing traffic to your platform that earns you more money than you had originally spent in order to acquire the traffic. The difference is your profit. Bonus points are awarded for getting email subscriptions, free social shares, and of course click throughs on your Native Ads.

Step 2. (Part Two): Advertise Your Affiliate Offers

If you would prefer to advertise affiliate offers across Native networks, this will eliminate needing to create a lot of web content for the most part. You’ll just need to create your own Native Advertisements that lead your prospects directly to hot affiliate offers which earn you commission!

This option is probably even simpler for people who prefer to get straight to the core of Native Ad arbitrage…

For this to work, you need access to a good Native Ad network and also an affiliate network of your choice.

A big part of the formula to making this method work involves determining what’s really working in the world of Native Advertising. Luckily, using NativeAdBuzz shows you exactly which campaigns are going viral across the web. You’ll get a great understanding of which health niches, Native Ad creatives and headline copy is working best for your segment. It’s practically like a money-making tutorial for those who are serious about leveraging Native in 2016.


Overall, if you hope to make the most of this Native New Year’s which is about to go off with a BLAST, you only have to train yourself to be persistent with a niche or two that is working. While these are strong predictions of what is about to trend in the health and wellness world – it’s ultimately up to you to pay close attention to what’s working on NativeAdBuzz so that you can determine ahead of time what the best angles to your Native Advertising efforts will be.

Build a platform dedicated to softening your hands using products found in America, or run affiliate offers targeting skin whitening creams sold in Asia.

What’s most important is that you choose a hungry niche or two that’s craving the information or products that you have to offer, and begin testing what works.

Once you’ve figured out what’s working with your niche, all it takes is a commitment to persistence in order to make your Native New Year’s self-employed salary of $1,000,000+. Earnings are completely uncapped in this game, and that’s why we can’t wait to wake up early each day. Native Advertising is always an adventure, and it’s something that you can enjoy doing while giving people what they desire.

Try NativeAdBuzz’s Professional Intelligence tool today for $7 U.S. Dollar. You’ll get full-access to our membership portal which gives you complete competitive intelligence to the ads that are working well enough to go VIRAL across the web (allowing many Native Advertisers to move rapidly closer to the $1MM and up mark). Test us out for seven days at zero risk to you.

Native Ad Buzz will explode your roi and native ad campaigns

Enjoy the Native New Year’s using NativeAdBuzz, and enjoy the profits you’ll attract once you start building your business around what’s already working on the internet.