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I hope you’ve had an awesome week – the NativeAdBuzz team have been really busy perfecting our web-based software (we’ll get a day off one day), and as always, we’re working on improving the user experience for you!

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In this week’s ‘top 5’ email, we’re going to looking at 5 car-based ads seen inside the NativeAdBuzz dashboard. They vary in ad-strength, and some perform better than others, but it’s time we looked specifically at cars, so let’s get started!


  1. 7 Motorcycles That Are a Huge Waste Of Money



Alright alright, I put my hands up.

I KNOW I said we’d stick to looking at cars, but come on… gimme a break… the Euro’s are on!

Jokes aside, here’s an ad that’s showing a VERY strong ad ‘strength’. What’s cool about this ad is that it doesn’t necessarily appeal just to motorbike enthusiasts – because of the ‘intrigue’ factor, it also peaks the curiosity of nosy bastards like you and I…

I mean come on… we’ve all been cut up by a motorbike before while driving…

Wouldn’t it be hella’ funny to know that their little gimmick they’re riding is a huge waste of money?!


  1. Luxurious Jeep Wrangler in The Works



Got a cool hundred grand spare to spend on a car?

Probably not.

I mean I don’t blame you.

Someone’s gotta make up for David Cameron’s tax-avoidance right? Seems only fair it should be us… the honest marketers…

Anyways, while this ad is still very new in the industry, it’s showing a lot of promise, and with a high strength score, this is definitely an ad to be keeping an eye on.


  1. 5 Cars Nobody Wants To Buy Anymore


Hmm. What comes to mind here?

A fiat Seicento maybe? Reliant Robin? (If you’re not from the UK, Google what a Reliant Robin is. And people wonder why we’re mocked when we go abroad).

But no….

NONE of these cars are apparently unwanted…!!!!

In fact, get ready…

It’s a brand-spanking-new, sexy, FAST, red BMW.

Can you believe it?

Nor I!

Ok, so this ad’s pretty new as well, and hasn’t showed a lot of traction yet, but heck… I liked it, and thought it was a cool way of promoting a sense of curiosity!


  1. This is The Latest Supercar From The Special Projects Division


Know what the Special Projects Division is?

What?! You don’t?!

You’re kidding with me right…

The SPD. Come on… I KNOW you’re joking.

Oh, you’re really not? OK good. Because I don’t have a f*&%*$g clue either.

Government military company? Brand of Ferrari? Who knows. What IS clear, is that the mystery around the ‘SPD’ is probably helping to contribute to the success of this ad, which has a good overall strength… although the traffic volume has a lot of room for improvement.


  1. What It Takes To Drive The Army’s Favourite Mule


Ever wanted to ride a donkey?

Well now you can find out how to drive the Army’s favourite breed!

Hang on one sec, my partners calling over.



Ah. OK. My bad. Turns out mule doesn’t mean Donkey in the traditional sense… it’s actually a pretty bad-ass army vehicle (notoriously hard to control).

And here’s an ad that shows you exactly HOW to drive it!

Do YOU have what it takes?!?!?!?!?

Find out now by checking the ad out! Hehe.

OK, so there you have it. A brief summary of some car-based ads we’ve seen during the last week. Weird…wacky… down-right crazy…. We’ll let you decide.

One thing’s for sure – there’s a LOT of cool ideas floating around you can use in YOUR campaigns.

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