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As you’re probably aware by now, each week, I compile a run-down of the top 5 performing native ads seen inside the NativeAdBuzz dashboard.

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This week, we’re doing something a little different, and I want you to ‘buckle up’, because today, we’re going to be looking at the weird… the wacky… the wonderful…

And the down-right absurd ads that we’ve picked up.

Note that not all of these ads have been super-successful…

But after seeing them, I just had to share them with you – maybe they can give you some inspiration for your campaigns!

Anyway, let’s get to it!

1. Video Games That Killed People In Real Life



It’s been a tough day at the office. You’ve dealt with irritating clients on the phone all day…

And you’ve endured your narcissistic boss telling you how much you suck at life.

Finally – you’re home. You grab a beer, put your feet up – and then BAMN. You just feel an insatiable urge to check out a list of video games that have killed people in real life!

Well look no further, because have I got the ad for youuuuu!

And yes – this really is a link to video games that have killed people in real life.

So if you want to validate yourself, and enjoy a subtle reminder that some people actually do have it a little worse than you – here’s a real treat for you to enjoy!

2. The Game You can Never Play Again If You Die


This ad performs significantly better than the one we just looked at – but if you’re like me, chances are you have a question to ask the creators.

Erm… I mean maybe it IS just me… but one would assume once you’re dead, that’s it. You can’ game no more.

I mean, maybe Heaven is filled with a row of shiny, brand-new Xbox One’s, installed with the latest version of Call of Duty…

But even then, natural selection dictates only a few of us would make it in – so – WTF!?

(Ok, I know the creators of this ad meant it to be understood that it’s IN-GAME death they’re talking about, but it’s definitely not clear enough!)


3. 6 Movies That Audiences Walked Out Of


So we’ve seen games that kill people… games you can’t play once you die…

Now, how about checking out 6 films that audiences walked out of mid-screening!

Ok, here’s a little game for you to play (and don’t worry, if you die, you CAN have another go)!

Come up with 6 movies you think audiences walked out on.

Write them down…

Then head into the NativeAdBuzz dashboard to check out this native ad for yourself, and see how many you got right!

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4. What Turns YOU On?


Erm. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s not a moderately attractive, fake-tanned, woman dressed in a baby’s outfit.


I didn’t see the dummy in her mouth.

Forgive me.

S#?t – yeah. Excuse me for 5 minutes while I grab a box of tissues and a tub of Vaseline.

OK, seriously though – WTF?

This really makes for a disturbing (yet weirdly interesting) read, and while the ad hasn’t gained massive traction yet, the numbers are OK for the time it’s been running, so keep an eye on this one!

5. Superfoods That KILL Diabetes


Arguably the most successful ad we look at today, the creators of this advert reveal superfoods that kill diabetes.

Yep – you heard that correctly!

Simply eat these foods, and they’ll wage war with the diabetic symptoms inside you, and make you diabetes-free!

(Quite how they manage to run this ad without getting bent over by various advertising regulators around the world is beyond me, but hey – they found a way!)

Very strong ad, with consistent numbers to back it up – one to put in your swipe file.

So there you have it…

There’s 5 of the weirdest and wackiest ads from the last week…

All found right inside the NativeAdBuzz dashboard!

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Sound good?

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Let me know your thoughts on this week’s weirdest 5, and as always, make sure you keep an eye on what’s performing and what’s not!

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