On Friday, January 8, 2016 Revcontent announced that an official all-cash deal had been struck to acquire ContentClick, the largest content recommendation advertising platform in Europe. The deal has arrived just in time – as the industry outlook for native advertising continues to grow without a hint of doubt in sight.

When our mate at Revcontent reached out to us with the acquisition news, we knew that we had to pass it along to you and our other readers, since a significant number of you are already partnered with Revcontent.

But, even if you haven’t partnered with Revcontent just yet, this new deal could give you the opportunity to connect with a pretty rewarding platform that’s now taking on an additional niche millennial and mobile angle.

The acquisition of ContentClick, based in Bath, U.K., provides Revcontent not only with comfortable logistics for expanding into exciting international territory (located near yours truly) – but also adds a massive amount of European native ad inventory to the brand, which just might give partners a profitable new demographic to dive into…

Targeting European millennial audiences using mobile devices does give native advertisers and publishers the potential for huge scale (and much less competition) in an industry that has pretty much revolved around desktop usage thus far.

Revcontent could now hold even greater potential to connect content creators and advertisers with much higher returns, if they can continue to optimize and scale their formula for market growth – just as they would a winning native ad campaign…

When we chatted with John Lemp, CEO of Revcontent he was keen to identify the shift in the market  saying “There’s a revolution happening where consumers are just wanting advertising to be different. They’re wanting it to not be so in your face. There’s a push to get better quality across the board,”

“But we’re growing just because we’re learning,”

Lemp continued humbly – unusual for a CEO who’s shaking up the advertising arena – one of the oldest industries in the world (seriously, it’s believed to have been created by the ancient Egyptians sometime around 2000 B.C.)

Interestingly John also gave us his thoughts on the future of building native ad arbitrage websites (heh).

While he didn’t really comment on the idea that building a trashy native ad website has the potential to generate Awnold Schwarzenegger levels of bankroll (which it does), he did agree that their time was limited and real native brands will make up the future of native advertising and online marketing as a whole.

Working regularly with companies such as Forbes and Newsweek provides Mr. Lemp with a unique view of what’s heading this way, and be advised he expects the native landscape to be totally different in 12 months’ time as the industry ‘evolves’.

But, he’s very passionate about the opportunity that native advertising can bring to the little guys actively seeking to support the media brands of the future and maintain  the ‘bio’-diversity..

“It’s a changing media landscape, and it’s a great opportunity for people to come in and build those media brands. There’s never been a time, I’d say, since the printing press, that’s been as open as right now.”

Woah! Hold on a second! Did he just say “native advertising: the new printing press!” ? well not quite, but if your a Native Ad Buzz reader then you already have a pretty good idea that native’s impact has been gigantic!

And don’t panic our affiliate and product owning brothers and sisters, we pushed the limits a little bit, and dug even deeper, asking for his thoughts on whether native advertising would continue to be a good medium for internet marketing and product sales in general, after all he is one of us! ;).

“Yeah. I think with the proper disclosures, it’s a great opportunity for people…I have a background in the affiliate side. The big goal with that is to make sure that they’re advertising the right products, and advertising the right products that are adding value to people. That’s really important. We spend so much on compliance just to make sure of that.”

And there’s more, the animated Revcontent CEO,  also predicted that the rise of ad-blocking and probable FTC regulations will only add fuel to the native advertising fire – likely transforming native into the most prevalent and successful form of online advertising in the near future.

This dedication to providing advertisers, publishers and consumers with the honest and reliable experiences that they crave is what’s truly driving the successful native advertising brands into prosperity.

Meanwhile, the native networks that refuse to adapt to authentic human desires are quick to vanish in an industry that demands amazing digital experiences without the BS.

With upwards of $1M in total revenue being generated per day, in addition to now having grasped control over the relatively-open playing field that is the European digital advertising market – Revcontent is ultimately pushing for even greater growth, while also committing to improve the native advertising experience for practically everyone involved.