We are always adding new networks to NativeAdBuzz. But knowing which one to use and when can be confusing so here is a breakdown of  the networks we currently scrape.

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Used by many of the most popular online publishers and marketers in the world – Taboola is widely-recognized as one of the core content discovery engines that satisfies consumers and helps to keep web businesses profitable. By presenting vast audiences with the opportunity to engage with tempting new content, Taboola ultimately helps to monetize publishers’ websites while also providing affiliates with a powerful way to streamline offers. Main takeaway: Taboola is a reliable platform for giving consumers access to more of the content they want – but wouldn’t necessarily find otherwise.


Simple and straightforward solution to monetize the websites that you publish or the affiliate offers that you test. Yahoo Gemini allows you to customize your advertising experience to your liking. You can allocate an ad spend budget, set a couple of interest targets, and let your campaign run its course – or choose to tweak all of your search terms and other detailed filter settings until you’re seeing the ROI that you want. You have advanced options available with Yahoo Gemini, but you also have the core essentials ready for when you need to launch a hot campaign as quickly as possible.


This native content recommendation network has significantly higher-than-normal barriers to entry, as only 2% of websites that apply to work with Revcontent are accepted as partners. However, once accepted, official partners of Revcontent are able to access advertising perks such as Brand Targeting, which enables you to target high-value viewers of in-network premium platforms like Forbes or Newsweek. In addition to offering this feature, partners can also use Revcontent to target consumers on various devices and in different geo-locations using a fully responsive widget.

But geo-targeting is likely the least of which Revcontent has to offer. Revcontent’s Language Targeting feature serve ads based on users’ individual browser language settings. This can be combined with Revcontent’s Audience Re-argeting, which allows partners to retarget users based on prior website interactions – leading to exponentially higher ad response and conversion rates on average.

Revcontent has made it clear that they’re pushing the limits of digital advertising as a whole, which is benefiting the entire industry in massive, profitable new ways.

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zergnet copy

Like a massive, cross promotional Native Advertising network conglomerate – Zergnet is more than willing to send you a generous share of high-quality traffic, as long as you’re okay with returning the favor for others in their private network as well. Zergnet maintains a network of partners who consistently push ultra-popular content (MTV, AOL, Answers) so affiliating with this team may be the right fit for you if you’re interested in high-volume opportunities. Simply customize your widget, place it on your website, and have your articles automatically promoted by Zergnet free of charge. This is ultimately a link exchange service that’s automated on your end.


Content.ad embraces Native Advertising culture to the fullest by displaying that they promote premium sponsored content in a way that “doesn’t look or feel like advertising.” On top of this, Content.ad’s team started off in direct marketing themselves, and ultimately claim to understand how to solve some of your biggest pain points. This particular ad network aims to focus on building client relationships, optimizing their state-of-the-art technology platform for your business’ needs, and helping to drive the most amount of revenue that they can for their advertising and publishing partners. They’re a large native network with roughly 15,000 publishers doing 25B+ impressions per month – worthy of consideration by most standards.


Being the largest Native Advertising platform for premium publishers means that Adblade plays a major role in the web monetization space. Adblade boasts a 550M+ user reach and offers content style formats plus in-content placement options to help you capitalize on your inventory of articles, slideshows, images and practically every other media-based asset that you operate. Adblade also offers sales controls, reporting features and standard plus advanced ad units which help to drive revenue. It’s important to note that Adblade values brand-safety above most other criteria, and screens publishers closely to ensure a consistent fit for their network.

But, advertisers can also see big benefits by using Adblade as well, since their proprietary NewsBullets® Ad Format is designed to look more like news rather than advertisements. Providing you with retargeting options plus the confidence of knowing that NewsBullets® can deliver up to 3x higher CTR than standard ads will make Adblade a winning choice for some affiliates and publishers.

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Gravity fills platforms with compelling personalized content and native ads in order to amplify user engagement and enhance the amount of revenue earned for all. And by offering personalized on-site content recommendations, means that user interests are taken into consideration on a per-person basis on Gravity. This can potentially lead publishers and advertisers to seeing stronger conversion, while also knowing that readers are oftentimes more entertained as a result.

Implementation with Gravity is also fairly straightforward, since easy-to-use API’s are provided, as well as simple javascript tags that can be copy-and-pasted directly to your websites. Additional features of Gravity involve 1:1 targeting through User Interest Graph Targeting, responsive design, and access to premium publisher inventory such as Huffpost and TechCrunch plus much more.


With a focus on maintaining your users’ natural activity stream – Mgid claims to help you place your sponsored content or recommended products in an engaging and non-disruptive manner. Their widgets allow you to blend top stories from some of the best websites with your own content. This helps to increase user engagement while also generating revenue for your brands across various devices and websites. Mgid currently provides publishers with two major advertising solutions. The Native Monetization option fills your platform with Native Ads and offers an unlimited ceiling for earnings, while their Native Recirculation option emphasizes driving new traffic to your brand using relevant in-network publishers. Custom solutions are also available.

Advertisers will also enjoy being able to target the readers of thousands of premium lifestyle and entertainment publications. You’ll only pay for PPC traffic, ensuring that you attract only engaged visitors to your landing pages and websites. In-house conversion tracking is also available to provide you with helpful analytics in real-time.


Ayboll offers a Native Advertising widget which is available to all websites without any required pre-approval. As a result, Ayboll’s greatest value proposition involves offering a quick 3-minute installation, and getting you to market as fast as possible (start earning immediately). Auto-optimization is another feature which Ayboll uses to appeal to publishers who have simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. This means that Ayboll’s algorithms pick up on what your audience is most interested in over time, and attempt to provide your audience with Native Ads which maximize user engagement and overall revenue earned. Offering simple filter options also provides an additional layer of customization. You can give your ads safe, moderate or 18+ displays which may provide for easy pairing with other ad networks.


Outbrain connects you with a Native Advertising solution that provides both flexibility and customization. Outbrain Engage gives publishers access to customized modules with natural integration, a responsive design that adjusts to all electronic devices, and traffic shaping features which allow you to fine-tune content recommendations on all of your platforms. Video recommendations are another feature that Outbrain can provide to your websites, as well as instant headline and image testing. In fact, Outbrain’s entire suite of “VR” tools offer advanced features like predictive analytics and decision-making intelligence which could prove to be powerful assets.

As an advertiser you can benefit from using Outbrain Amplify, which allows you to promote your content across premium sites like CNN and ESPN. It is important to know that Outbrain doesn’t allow partners to promote traditional advertisements. Outbrain only accepts content that offers “informational or entertainment value.” Of course – Outbrain Amplify can still be leveraged by smart marketers in order to benefit from the large-scale ad arbitrage opportunities that are readily available.

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