Hey everyone – Peter here.

Today we’re going to take a look at some promising ads seen in the NativeAdBuzz dashboard.

Not all these ads are performing incredibly well – yet – but they have all shown promising futures, so what better way to get you prepared for your next campaigns than showing you them now!

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Anyway, let’s get to it!

1. Beauty LeakedScreenshot_11

This ad’s somewhat an anomaly. Looking at the ad itself, you’d think it would fall into the proverbial gutter of the Internet – it doesn’t show us ANYTHING – it’s just a picture of an old iPhone, with the words ‘Beauty Leaked’…

But just take a look at those stats.

It seems to be doing insanely well.

2. Why Women Are Flocking To This Incredible new Shopping Site


The second ad, has recently picked up its ‘act’. We saw it first a year ago but then is quickly disappeared and remained redundant for the best part of a year.

Then, suddenly, in 2016, it started to be pushed again.

What’s interesting about this ad, is that is doesn’t give ANY indication of the shopping site involved – it could take us to eBay… a shop for larger women… or the kinkiest sex-shop on the internet…

We just don’t know, and this mystery-element is one of the reasons we suspect it’s doing so well.

After all, we all know women don’t like not knowing secrets…

3. Why Women Are Loving This New Shoe Site



Leading on from the previous ad, I thought it was relevant to include a similar – yet very different – variation.

In the last ad, we saw just a picture of a handbag, along with the premise that women are ‘flocking’ to a new shopping site.

This ad is incredibly similar, but it actually gives us a little more context – the headline tells us about a shoe site… and the image fits the text, by showing a giant-looking woman on a beach… wearing heels?!

We’ve been seeing it for over a year now and wonder how it’s performing for it to resurface over the last few months.

4. Don’t Use Botox, Do This Instead: Granny Reveals $39 Method


A fairly new ad to the marketplace, one of the things that really stood out here was that the creators directly mention the price of the product, which, we assume we’ll be pitched on the next page.

It’s fairly unconventional to use a price-before-benefit technique within sales copy and ads in general, but see how the creators managed to incorporate both into one ad?

The image shows us the benefits – ‘old to young’ – and the text tells us that the price of this incredible transformation is what… just a measly $39.

While this ad is really new we have seen this image kicking about for a while and I think it’s going to be well worth keeping an eye on. In fact, this is not an often seen technique of openly displaying price in the headline.

5. New Sleep Aid Takes Walgreens By Storm



You can’t sleep… you’ve gotta be up for work in 4 hours… and you just don’t know what to do…

You decide to check your phone, and end up surfing the Internet, only to find information about a new sleep-aid that’s taking Walgreens by storm…

But then you look at the image, and you’re confused.

Why would a sleeping-aid solution feature an image of a pretty blonde girl, standing in a field, looking dazed into the camera?


We don’t f*&*ing know either!

One things for sure though – this ad is being pushed really hard! Does this go to show that an almost ‘misleading’ form of advertising can actually capture a reader’s interest and get them to click your ad!

So there you have it…

5 ads to watch from the past week.

All found right inside the NativeAdBuzz dashboard!

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Let me know your thoughts on this week’s top 5, and as always, make sure you keep an eye on what’s performing and what’s not!

Talk soon,